Fibroid Tumors on the rise are there any Natural Alternatives to surgery that work?

"Fibroid Tumors All Natural Alternatives for Tumors Warning! Do not have your uterus removed Until You Read This Ancient Secrets Report ...Most People Will Never Learn about"

Fibroid Tumors ...Real All Natural Alternatives

There are many natural alternatives to help curb the cramps and the heavy bleeding caused by fibroid Tumors. For instance, Organic Red Raspberry leaf is very helpful alternative, as well as Sherpherd's Purse. You can take them as tea or tincture, check a health food store for them. It may also help you to take one tablespoons of Unsulphured Blackstrap Molasses with warm water or juice to build up your blood. In additions you must do your best to reduce stress, eat a balanced diet and remember to pray. This is what I do daily and it works for me. Try to do some research and find something that works for you. Yes there are Natural Alternatives to help control the bleeding. You May Not need a Hysterectomy and/or Bilateral Oophorectomy.

Natural Alternatives Tips and Insights

Personal Tip: I have suffered from acid reflux for years, and finally found a good alternative to prescription and over the counter drugs, good old Organic Apple Cider Vinegar in warm water. The effect is almost immediate... wishing you the best... stay healthy!

Check Out These Personal Testimonies from around the World
Note: These are only personal testimonies of real people telling their personal experiences and not medical advice: as always consult your doctor before trying anything or changing any of your medications!


Pamela from Columbus, Ohio writes: "I have a friend living in toledo, ohio... my gyn doctor is there who diagnosis me with fibroids. I have a case where mine shrinked and one passed based on using a natural remedy my friend gave me. Take lysine it works. The one that passed was stuck in my opening but the doctor pulled it out and tested it. He found nothing. When I stop taking the product one grew almost an inch. I have since began the regiment again, this time I won't stop till they are gone."

Ted from Bangkok, Thailand writes: "When the body is sufficiently *Alkalized, the serum calcium normalizes, causing a reduction in cysts and fibroids. Fibroids are a bit tough since the calcium goes deeper than a cysts and will take some time, sometimes with iodine foot painting now and then might be helpful, such as once a week. Normally cysts takes about a month to reduce or in some cases be gone, as the blood will clear up the excess tissue calcium, thus reducing the cysts. Ovaries and menses can only function perfectly whenever the excess calcium in tissues and glandular functions are reduced.
This can be done by getting the proper *Alkalization so that glandular functions can function normally, and hence normal menses, as well as normal pregnancy, without the blocked fallopian and uterus problem. Some women sadly can't get pregnant because of block fallopian tubes which can be due to Fibroid Tumors or somes cysts and the ACV and baking soda may help reduce this blockages, or even a lemon and Aluminum-Free Baking Soda remedy may also get similar results.
While the lemon (lime) is more effective on *Alkalizing and *potassium, the ACV is more effective on the body's *metabolic rate, and hence some reduce weight is experienced. It doesn't require rocket science to realize all this. Only a good understanding of normal body functions. Ideally the *ACV and *baking soda can be taken *3 times a day, but some people find it more convenient to do it *2 times a day because of the heavy work schedules, or other factors".

Organic Apple Cider Vinegar and Aluminum-Free Baking Soda

Kim from Santa Monica, Ca writes: "I am writing in because for the last 6 months I had been suffering from an issue with fibroids. I had non stop bleeding sometimes extremely heavy periods to the point were my blood count level was around 7.2 . at one point I was given a blood transfusion because of the amount of blood loss. I went to see my Dr. who did a biopsy and ultrasound and had determined that I was suffering from Fibroid Tumors and this was the reason for the continuous bleeding.
My Dr. gave me two options, to have an IUD inserted with no guarantees that this would work and may fall out or a Hysterectomy. I was also taking birth control pills to try to stop the bleeding as well with no results. I read the recommendations for *ACV and *aluminum-free Baking Soda for Fibroid Tumors and I decided to try it. The *first couple of days I was not feeling too well, I *felt really weak and had no energy, however , I took it for about 1 week and the bleeding has stopped. I now have another appointment to see my Dr , for another exam to see if the Fibroid is still there. I want to thank Ted for the recommendation and say I feel great! thanks again"

Delma from Fayetteville, Georgia writes: "In April I was diagnosed with acid reflux. In May I went to my GYN because I missed my menses for no reason for the first time in 25 yrs. my menses started when i was 15 yrs old. i am now 40 yrs old married with 2 kids.3 and 7yrs old.I went to my gyn and he said i had a 7 cm fibroid on the left of my uterus and 5cm ovarian cyst on my right ovary. I also had a tilted uterus which i already knew about diagnosed 8 yrs ago by him because sex became uncomforbable to me sometimes.I was reflux problems and given protonix by a specialist. came across this website looking for a natural rememdy to cure my acid reflux. tried *ACV cure with *aluminum-free baking soda and I took it for *2 week 3times a day with the *2 days off. sex was comfortable, my menses showed up, my acid reflux disappeared.especially the feel of a lump in my throat. my hay fever problems cleared up ( no post nasal drip in weeks, no constant hoarseness. I went to my gyn appt friday and was told my ovarian cyst was gone, uterus was no longer titled and my fibroid had shrunk to down to 1 or 2 gyn kept looking at my chart RE-reading his notes from my last appt a month ago.. UNBELIEVABLE!!! I FEEL SOOO MUCH BETTER OVERALL..ALSO I LOST 6LBS (with no effort at all) now that was a nice surprise..Thank GOD for this website and ACV.."

Kimberly ( from King George, Va, Usa writes: "Well, I have to say that I was not a FULL believer. I suffer from fibroids and I was just sick and tired of talking to doctors who give me my "only" options.. which all included surgery and menopause. I am 42. I do not have children and it has been the bane of my existence. So, after visiting the doctor, a specialist, who advertised fibroid assistance. I left the office disgusted! Once again: "you can have surgery or we can put you into menopause. We don't do anything else here. But, we will write a prescription for an MRI so that we can judge the size of your fibroids." I was furious! Not only did I waste a day off from work, and my $30 co-pay, after traveling 2 hours to get to the "specialist", I wasted my time? So, as soon as I came home I started reserching holistic approaches. I found blog after blog where women were claiming the Organic Apple Cider Vinegar (ACV) and Unsulphured Blackstrap Molasses (BSM) as some type of cure all elixirs! At this point what did I have to lose? So, I ran out to the health food store on the other side of town and I purchased ***Organic ACV and ***Organic ***unsulphured BSM as recommended. So, my situation: fibroids! HEAVY HEAVY menstrual cycles with lots of clotting! So, heavy that my 2 hour commute to work had become a true burden, because of the fears that I would not be able to make it to a bathroom in time to change or clean up. I could tell some pretty horrific stories about that too. And the cramps!!! YIKES!!! The first time I experienced them I was in my 30s. This was all a shock to me. I had never known so much pain and discomfort before. EVER!!!
So, again, here I am 15 days after taking ***1 tbsp of ACV and ***1 tbsp of BSM **every day *once a day and I cannot believe that my cycle has caught me by surprise. I mean NO CRAMPS!!! Minimal.. and I mean MINIMAL discomfort. I mean, I have not taken ANY painkillers yet and today is the first day. Usually, I would have started 3 days ago. Now, I will say two things, some sites recommend mixing the BSM and ACV in water! Personally, I think that is a terrible idea.. I tried it in a 16.9oz bottle of only prolongs the terrible taste of the ACV.. and ACV and BSM do not mix! lol. Definitely not together. But, the BSM was easier, I take *1 tbsp of ACV and then, *add the BSM to my morning cereal, or yogurt or morning smoothie. I find more interesting ways to enjoy the BSM. I am still working on the ACV.
*By the way I am also a new vegetarian. I heard that products of hormone treated animals is not good for fibroids. It only "feeds" the fibroids. So, I figured I would try it for a year. So, I eat seafood, and dairy products. I just look for dairy products of "clean" organic(non-hormone treated animals).
NOTE: ****Only take [BSM and ACV(mother of vinegar)] or [ACV(mother of vinegar) and aluminum-free Baking Soda] do not use all three together and do not use coffee.*****

Mich from Brooklyn, NY writes: "I started using ACV just because I read that it was good for you. I had no idea it helped your cycle or fibroids. I discovered that on my own before I found this website. It should be organic with the "mother of vinegar" in it. This is the ugly looking stuff with little strings floating around in it. Otherwise, it serves no purpose other that salad dressing. My cycles were less painful. However, once I stopped drinking it, the pain returned. So, I am back on it and adding Unsulphured Blackstrap Molasses this time. For people who say it's not working, make sure you are using the correct form. I do not know the size of the fibroid the Dr says I have but I know ACV has helped me."

Judy from Cincinnati, Ohio writes: "I just turned 41 & have started feeling the grips of hormonal changes along with having a history of huge fibroids. I had 5 lbs of fibroids removed last yr in a robotic surgery that went terrifically & preserved my fertility :) I still want to have children & decided to take a natural, active involvement in my health. I have always worked out religiously since I was 15 so I've been in great shape & been able to tolerate the pain of those fibroids. But at age 41 I was finding that I no longer could run on the junk food that I liked to eat & was lacking energy along with not having a normal cycle. I wanted so much to have a normal cycle without the complications of a birth control pill. ACV gave me that :) But I was also dealing with more heart palpitations that I just couldn't control with my diet & vitamin taking. Yesterday, it was really getting in my way of life so I ran out & got the * Unsulphured Blackstrap Molasses. And I'm so happy to report that it made those nasty *heart palpitations go away, *gave me energy to go play tennis that evening ( in fact, I was burning the court with my energetic plays) & is *helping my chronic constipation. I've gone to the bathroom 3 times since last evening to this morning and that's simply wonderful!!! I urge everyone to try *ACV & Unsulphured Blackstrap Molasses ~ they are TERRIFIC!!!!"

Ramona from Hayes, VA writes: "I started using Plantation brand Black Strap molassas, and Bragg Organic Apple Cider Vinegar, a year ago, as I was diagnosed with a 3cm fibroid that sits near my bladder. I had back pain, constant urge to urinate, and periods that were awful, clotty and literally drained me for a day or two. My Doctor of course frowned on the suggestion that I try a "Natural" solution, and thought better to remove this "little egg" as he called it. I did not want surgery, or being forced into early menopause. So I went to the Health food store and bought the BSM and ACV.
Ok, after a year of faithfully taking *1 tablespoon of each BSM and *ACV with a chaser glass of warm water each morn after *breakfast NOTE:(stomach will be upset if you take on empty).
Then another dose before *bedtime, I have noticed great improvement in the size of my stomach ( was bloated before due to a tumor pushing on organs) and the *frequent need to urinate went away after a month of using, my periods not as painful, or long, and less clots! You must try this as it does work, only if you use it accordingly, NOTE:(Do not use more than twice a day).

Lise from Herndon, Northern Virginia replies: "Thanks for your sharing what brands to use after reading all the post I found yours most helpful on the type of ACV and BSM to buy. Some on here used the sulpured kind of molases and did not realize the **sulphur would promote bleeding. I was having clots as big as my fist while taking a low dose BC pill that used to help control my bleeding. Now my bleeding is just spotting now and that is great news."

Chris from Woodbridge, VA replies: "I'm 36 yars old, I just left my OB GYN, I had myomectomy 5 years ago thinking i would have kids within 3 years after the surgery as my Doctor suggested, even though I was not married yet and had no prospects...well here i am five years later in the same social staus with my uterus the size of a 5 month fetus. I had also taken a low dose bc that caused clots the size of my fist and drained me physically and emotionally. My doc suggested I would probably need another surgery but this would reduce my chances of being able to carry a child. Ive cried for the last 2 hours until i read your blogs...thank you ladies! i'm running to the health food store now and with a little prayer, faith, and ACV and BSM I will be healed from these tumors!"

Jill from Ft Laud, FL replies: "Janet, over 10 years ago I was diagnosed with fibroids and told that eventually I'd have to have a hysterectomy. I refused then and every Dr I went to over the years. They got larger and larger till finally I found myself fainting and being taken from work in an ambulance twice. My iron fell so low that I needed 3 blood transfusions in one night before I agreed to consider surgery, but I still refused a hysterectomy. My new Gyn told me about a fertility Dr that does not accept insurance and I consulted with him, who said that he could remove the tumor without a hysterectomy. I told my insurance company, who then reimbursed me for that visit and found a Reproductive **Endocrinologist that gave me an injection of **Lupron to stop the bleeding, then a quick, sometimes outpatient surgery called a **Myomaectomy (?). My total out of pocket cost was under $500. That was 3/31/03 and I haven't had a cramp or a period last more than 2 days since! I haven't been doubled over in pain ONCE since then! I feel like I was reborn that day. You should consider it."

Joyce from Joelton, Tn replies: "Hi Janet from Kitchener, Ontario, I remember reading in EC that someone used *cayenne pepper to stop bleeding. You might try adding some cayenne pepper to your BSM & see if it stops or slows the bleeding."

Karen from St. Louis, USA replies: "I tried the BSM and it worked okay, but I tried the ACV and I hardly have any bleeding. I use to pass clots and bleed so heavy and now I hardly have any bleeding. I drink it in a glass of water. I didn't think anything would work."

Princess from Raleigh, North Carolina replies: "This is to Janet from Canada. You mentioned you are taking Ortho Lo, I was on that! You may want to do further research because I have found that Estrogen FEEDS fibroids. It will make you bleed more and that is why nothing seems to be working. And if you drink ***cow's milk/cheese etc. that is even more Estrogen, depending on where it comes from since you live in Canada. Try to avoid all fried and processed foods as well. I hope you read this before surgery!"

Sherry from Longview, Washington replies: "...I also take three teaspoon fulls of unsulphored black strap molasses a day ...keeping some ***Shepard's Purse around for acute bleeding works. I add drops of it to a glass of water and it works within 15 mintes to stop the heavy bleeding. I haven't had to use it now that things seem to be under control ..."

YS from St.Louis, Mo replies: "Unsulphured Blackstrap Molasses and Organic Apple Cider Vinegar. I was recently diagnosed with uterine fibroid tumors. Ultrasound indicated 3 measurable tumors and a cycst. I was having most of the common symptoms associated with the fibroids. Doctor recommended that I have a supracervial hysterectomy. I prayed for healing and an alternative treatment and was led by God to this website. I have been taking BSM and ACV for 2 weeks. I started taking 1 tablespoon of BSM like cought syrup, chasing it down with a lot of water one week prior to my cycle. Also 2 days prior to my cycle I started taking 2 tablespoons ACV a fourth teaspoon of aluminum-free baking soda and half glass of water twice a day. Unsulphured blackstrap molasses and OrganicApple Cide Vinegar diffently ease my fibrod symptoms. Improvements: Only had to take a total of 6 ibuprofens compared to 14, only two heavy days compared to 4, severe cramps twice compared to everyday and reduce menstrual duration. I will continue the taking the BSM and ACV daily with the faith that it will shrink my fibroid. I have a follow-up in six months with my GYN. Thank you so much for this website. Ladies I would recommend trying these remedies before any surgical procedures."

YS from St. Louis, Missouri writes: "This is a follow-up to above: " Unsulphured Blackstrap Molasses and Organic Apple Cide Vinegar message. I'm still taking ACV 2 tablespoons twice a day and 2 tablespoons Plantation Organic Unsulphured Blackstrap Molasses twice a day (morning and bedtime). I stop putting the aluminum-free baking soda in the ACV, because of various posting on this site, some say it's okay and others say it's not good for your body. I ate of lot of cheese over the Thanksgiving holiday and that was a mistake. In 8/2007 I had stop eating cheese but fell to temptation, I believe it's true that dairy and firboids don't go together. I still have two very heavy days, then will almost stop, cramps are down to one day usually at the end of the cycle. However then I may spot for another week to ten days Recent blood test indicated anemia, doctor recommended taking one prenatal vitamin and eating liver 2 or 3 times a week. I will admit I'm a little skeptical about eating that much liver because it contains a high amount of cholesterol. However I have eaten it probably 5 times in the last two weeks. I've been taking the vitamins for about two weeks and I will say this month has been the best yet. I still don't plan to have surgery and I feel good. *** Unsulphured Blackstrap Molasses is a big help in resolving the issues of constipation."

Pam from Cincinnati, OH writes: "Without warning, I started experiencing pain from the fibroids I was recently diagnosed with. It seemed like right after the diagnosis the pain started even though they had probably been there for a while. I would wake up having to take four ibuprofen tablets, and that was just to start the day. It seemed like I was constantly taking pain relievers. I was praying for a natural cure and came across this website. I immediately started on the unsulphured black strap molassess along with the Organic Apple Cider Vinegar. The first day, I waited for the pain to hit, and I'm still waiting! I was amazed how quickly relief came just by taking 1 tablespoon of the Unsulphured Blackstrap Molasses and 1 tablespoon of the ACV a few times a day. I feel stronger, more alert and focused, and I don't have as many food cravings. I don't know why it works but it works for me. I went from being doubled over in pain for hours waiting for the pain reliever to kick in, to enjoying my life and being more active and involved. I just have to thank God because I, too, prayed for a cure and somehow I got to this website for the answer. Thanks to all for posting and I hope what I have written will help someone else."

Lisa from Durham, NC writes: "Fibroids (Heavy Extended bleeding), Obesity, Crohns, Arthritis, Premature grey hair: As you can see, I have quite a few things going on so I am trying the ACV and the Unsulphured Blackstrap Molasses just started both of these. The Unsulphured Blackstrap Molasses is alot easier than ACV, I noticed numbing in my tongue after sipping the ACV all day, so I will put less than 1/4 cup in 32quarts and try it again and keep adding every couple of weeks until I get up to the 1/4. I have been bleeding heavily for at least 50 days at a time,with medication or D&C only giving temporary fixs. I am only 38years young and of course the answer the doctors are heading towards is a hysterectomy.And hopefully once this onset of the bleeding is controled the two products will also start helping the other stuff. I will keep earth clinic updated on my progress. I have also been blessed with a premature grey streak since the age of 21."

Sharon ( from Los Angeles, CA writes: "I am a real person and believe me when I say that you can shrink your tumors without any strange and complicated concoctions. I read a lot of posts and even tested on my self in the span of two months: one with said remedies and one without.

This is what worked for me:
* Change of diet
* Exercise
* Organic Apple Cider Vinegar & Unsulphured Blackstrap Molasses
* Natto. Yes. Natto.
I exercised. If you're out of shape, just walk briskly everyday. I walk every morning rain or shine, lift weights sometimes and do yoga. Whatever you like, just move and sweat!
I cut out a lot of fake dairy/ food from my diet [the cheese on burgers, nacho sauce, powdered cheese] and only ate real food with ingredients I could pronounce without sounding like I was some type of scientist. I juiced whenever I could. Nothing crazy, just carrot and apple for example. Lots of water as well!
I had a mix of 2 TB ACV and 1 TB BSM in a large glass of water once a day. Now here's the kicker; Natto. Natto is fermented japanese soybeans. If you do a search, you'll find it. It looks gross to the typical American, but Natto is some powerful stuff. It's heavy in vitamin K and a compound that dissolves tumor like material in the body. Yes. It's no joke. I eat it 3 to 4 times a week with hot rice and BBQ sauce. It makes it taste like baked beans and rice. If you see any websites that offer Nattokinase, it's powdered Natto in pill form. I tried everything above a month before since I have long, heavy, and tiring menstrual cycles that last 6 days . My cycle was light and it only lasted for 4 days. Without it, it typically painful and heart breaking. I'm no doctor, but I can tell you from my experience that it worked. I'm not completely cured, but my cycles are no longer heavy, I no longer have mood swings and I've had more energy now then when I was first diagnosed. I've lost weight as well. Please go to your local Japanese food market and get a pack of natto. It costs under 2 dollars. Try it for a month, 3 times a week...that is all I ask."

SPECIAL ALERT: Dangers of Eating or Drinking Aspertame
Many lupus patients become asymptomatic once they stop drinking diet colas. Those with Multiple Sclerosis see many of their symptoms vanish. Those with fibromyalgia and tinnitus also see great reductions in their symptoms when they stop ingesting aspartame. People may be experiencing aspartame poisoning if they use aspartame products like *Equal, *NutraSweet, *Spoonful, *Splenda and the like, and have shooting pains, spasms, cramps, leg numbness, vertigo, dizziness, tinnitus, unexplainable depression, joint pain, anxiety attacks, blurred vision, slurred speech, and other fibromyalgia symptoms. *Unfortunately, modern medicine is not capable of diagnosing people with aspartame poisoning and are rather diagnosing diseases in error. This results in doctors dealing with one disease/one organ giving too many meds that result in even more diseases. It is recommended to avoid searching out doctors to diagnose what is wrong with you when you can simply avoid aspartame altogether. *Many times, children who have been diagnosed with ADHD or ADD are completely different once aspartame is taken out of their diet. Behavior modification drugs like Ritalin were no longer necessary.
Also stay away from
  • processed
  • fried and sugar filled foods
  • (hormome treated)cow's milk/cheese etc
  • soda containing aspartame including
  • diet cola's
  • Seagram?s Ginger Ale
  • Northern Neck Ginger Ale
  • 7 UP Soda
  • Shasta Root Beer
  • Fresca Soda
  • Minute Maid Lemonade
  • Crystal Light Soft Drink Mix
  • Minute Maid Fruit Drink
  • coca cola zero
  • dr pepper along with coffee are bad and *help *grow that * fibroid! All I can advise is try the BSM & ACV, these brands Plantation BSM and Bragg Organic ACV are THE BEST! and any health food store Can order for you, Good luck in the fight against fibroids.
Food Essentials Information
  1. Flavored Tea - Green containing Aspartame
  2. Enviga Sparkling Berry 12 Oz Aspartame Presence is listed
  3. Enviga Sparkling 12 Oz Aspartame Presence is listed
  4. Turkey Hill Diet Green Tea Mango w/Ginseng & Honey Aspartame Presence is listed
  5. Turkey Hill Diet Green Aspartame Presence is listed
  6. Turkey Hill Diet Green Tea w/Ginseng & Honey Aspartame Presence is listed

The Presence Of Aspartame In These Are Not Listed On Package
  1. Tazo Green Mojito Diet Aspartame Presence is not listed
  2. Tazo Giant Peach Aspartame Presence is not listed
  3. Tazo Giant Peach 13.8 Oz Aspartame Presence is not listed
  4. Old Orchard Premium Lemon & Honey Aspartame Presence is not listed
  5. Old Orchard Premium Pomegranate Aspartame Presence is not listed
  6. Turkey Hill Mango Aspartame Presence is not listed
  7. Crystal Light Metabolism Plus Green Tea Peach Mango Aspartame Presence is not listed
  8. Ssips Green Tea w/Honey & Ginseng Aspartame Presence is not listed
  9. Tazo Plum Pomegranate Aspartame Presence is not listed

This is for information purposes only and not intended to substitue treatment by a medical professional and as always consult with your medical doctor before starting or stopping any medical treatment!

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